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To make finding your selection easier, we have created basic ‘feature’ icons that call your attention to the important components built into the shoes and boots throughout this website. Below is a key and explanation of each of these symbols.

  • AeroGlide 7™

    AeroGlide 7™ Our patented seven layer comfort system is considered to be the most comfortable in the market today. We feature a removable orthotic footbed with moisture wicking, Vitalize™ orthobed, polycarbonate shank and a 220 plus abrasion AG7™ outsole for superior wear.

  • Electrical Hazard

    Electrical Hazard Meets ASTM F-2413-05 or ASTM F-2413-11.

  • Gel-Cell™

    Gel-Cell™ Is a non-memory polymer gel insert that adds comfort by reducing heel strike and adds value by eliminating the need for additional comfort inserts.

  • ICE™ Outsole

    ICE™ Outsole This ultra-strong outsole is designed to resist abrasion for longer wear.

  • Made in USA

    Made in USA Footwear Made in USA at our Martinsburg, PA facility, from fine components sourced worldwide.

  • Opanka Construction

    Opanka Construction A patented durable, hand-crafted construction method in which the upper is attached to the outsole and sock lining with heavy, durable wax thread. This type of construction yields extremely flexible footwear.

  • PermaFresh® Footprint

    PermaFresh® Footprint A shock absorbing cushion insole with anti-bacterial protection.

  • Pillow Cushion™

    Pillow Cushion™ A layer of memory foam that has low compression and is breathable. Molds to the foot for all day comfort.

  • Safety Toe

    Safety Toe Compression and impact testing determine the impact that the safety will absorb. A classification of I/75 means the toe will absorb up to c75 pounds of impact, C/75 means the toe offers constant load protection of up to 5,500 pounds of pressure.

  • Ultra-Welt™

    Ultra-Welt™ The Ultra-Welt system works with the Gel-Cell™ insert for more comfort all around. An extra Gel-Cell™ is inserted in our Vitalize™Insole, giving you a cushion in the ball of the foot. These two layers give you the ultimate in comfort.

  • Vibram®

    Vibram® The Vibram® brand is recognized for its high performance soling products used in rugged, outdoor and service footwear. VIBRAM® and the Yellow Octagonal Label are registered trademarks of Vibram®S.p.A. of Italy. Quabaug Corporation, North Brookfield, MA, is the North American manufacturer of Vibram®soling products under exclusive license.

  • Vitalize™

    Vitalize™ Our Vitalize™ comfort layers consist of Vitalize™ Orthobed for shock absorption and climate control, and a Stability Board for firm protection on tough landings. This dual component system adds comfort and strength for your feet.

  • Waterproof