Welcome International Retailers!

International Retailer Registration

Thank you for your inquiry regarding Double H Boots distribution. Below is the information needed to establish a retail account outside of the United States.

There are three forms to fill out:

  1. The New Account Form
  2. The Credit Application Form
  3. The International Inquiry Form

The forms are easy for you to download. Please complete them at your earliest convenience and return them to me either by email: workgrouporders@hhbrown.com or by fax: U.S. + 814-793-9272. Upon receipt of the forms the consideration process begins. You should hear from us within 10 days.

Double H Boots Customer Service

Distribution Policy

Please, be aware that H.H. Brown policy requires that your business have a physical storefront. Please provide pictures of your store.

If you are considering on-line distribution additional approvals will be required. If you do not you will be in violation of this policy and could result in the immediate closing of your account with Double-H Boots.

Payment Terms

International customers are required to pre-pay orders via wire transfer in U.S. dollars. Invoices will include merchandise and estimated shipping costs to either you or your freight consolidator in the U.S.

Thank you again for your interest in Double-H Boots, and I look forward to working with you through the qualifying process. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Download Registration Forms (ZIP)*

*The forms are used for consideration purposes only and do not guarantee approval. Please acknowledge that if approved, this agreement does not make you an exclusive distributor for Double-H Boots. In case of discrepancies on forms, brochures, and contracts between English version and other language translations, English version is official.