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History of the Cowboy Boot

In the early days of the West, cowboys faced rough, unpredictable conditions and extreme weather — from relentless snow to blistering heat as they rode across the country. This dangerous work demanded that they could move quickly, mounting and dismounting their horses at a moment’s notice. Staying comfortable, safe and alive in these conditions created the need for new type of boot, known today as the cowboy boot.


The earliest designs were derived from the cavalry boot worn by soldiers during the Civil War and other similar designs from the early 1860s. Many of the veterans who headed for the new frontier after the war weren’t prepared for the unforeseen dangers that awaited them in the West. So as they migrated, shoemakers designed boots that could easily slip into horse stirrups with a higher heel to rest the foot comfortably, adding leather on the legs to protect against jagged brush, rattlesnakes and other hazards that were often encountered in these dangerous conditions.

While these original cowboy boots were utilitarian and straightforward, over time the designs evolved from plain brown and black stitching to colorful stitching and specialty design motifs. From there, boot makers began to experiment with inlays and overlays, and suddenly boot designs became limitless. The more extraordinary the cowboy boot could be, the better.

boot with spur

For over 50 years, Double-H Boots® has redefined extraordinary, crafting innovative work western and dress styles designed for today’s new breed of cowboy — the hardworking men and women on the millions of farms, fields and ranches across America who demand performance and the best of durability, comfort and style.

Cowboy on horseback